Welcome back to another caselot season!  This page will explain how the caselots work, and how to order via email.  I will also update the page weekly (by Sunday evening) for the following Saturday's delivery.

Caselot Ordering Info:
I will know what is coming by the end of the weekend prior.  I send out a BCC email with what is available and update this page, usually on Sunday afternoons.  You will have the opportunity to submit orders by email from the time the email comes out until Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. (*no late orders will be accepted*).  Some items may have limited quantities available; I will confirm with you if something is out of stock when we go to order it.  Payment upon delivery (cash, cheque to N. Gardner, or e-transfer to my email).

Fruit & produce is usually picked on Thursdays, brought down in a refrigerated truck, and delivered to you on Saturdays.  I organize my deliveries so the route is as efficient as possible.  It is best, if you cannot be home, that you have let me know of somewhere safe/cool/covered where I can leave the produce, and either leave pymt out or pay by paypal.  I meet the truck between noon and 1 and begin deliveries immediately.  I will not know exactly what time I will be at your house as the route changes each week depending on who has ordered, but by Thursday evening I should know approximately (within ~30-45 mins) when I will be coming by.

Return Policy:  Fresh produce is perishable.  I will do my best to deliver it to you as quickly as possible, keeping it as cool as possible while delivering.  It is up to you to store it properly once you have received it.  If there are any concerns about the quality of your order, you MUST contact me by Sunday at 6 p.m. (the day after you've received it) to let me know and we will credit or refund you on the following week's order.  Do not leave your produce in the box; spread it out as soon as you receive it in a single layer somewhere cool.

If you have any questions about how the caselot deliveries go, please don't hesitate to contact me.  The last two years we have had deliveries right through to October/November, so let's hope for another great year of wonderful fruit & veggies!!

Lastly, please feel free to share this page with anyone in the Greater Victoria area who may be interested in hearing about it.  Many thanks for passing word along.  :)


***ORDER DEADLINE: Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.***
No late orders will be accepted.
FOR DELIVERY: Saturday September 17th, 2016
Email me at to place your order.
Note: splits *may* be available ONLY if I can find someone to split with you.

All certified organic (unless otherwise noted), Okanagan (or closer) produce. 
    20 lb organic Gala apples $60
    20 lb organic Empire apples $50

    10 lb organic Coronation (purple) grapes $45 - makes amazing grape jelly
    15 lb organic Coronation (purple) grapes $60
    2L organic Himrod grapes $8 - green grapes
    8 x 2L organic Himrod grapes $60

    40 lb organic Cantaloupe/Musk Melon $80

    20 lb organic Concord pears $65

    5 lb organic mini bell peppers $37
    5 lb organic mixed hot peppers $47
    10 lb organic GREEN bell peppers $45
    10 lb organic PURPLE bell peppers $45

    10 lb organic Damson plums $40
    10 lb organic Fryer plums $40
    20 lb pesticide-free late Italian prune plums $45
    20 lb pesticide-free President plums $55

    25 lb organic mixed #1 & 2 Roma tomatoes $75
    30 lb organic mixed #1 & 2 round tomatoes $96

    1 lb organic BASIL $22
    20 x 1 lb bunch organic BEETS with leaves $70
    48 count organic bi-colour CORN $72
    15 lb organic mixed EGGPLANT $75
    1 lb pesticide-free Red Russian GARLIC $11
    ***NEW*** WHEATGRASS - pesticide free, grown in organic soil with organic seeds, 1 lb bag fresh-cut grass yields 11-13 oz, $30
    ***NEW*** WHEATGRASS - as above, juiced and frozen in 1 oz cubes, 12 cubes for $35

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