Sunday, July 17, 2011

All about Goji Berries

Goji Berry (Lycium) is also commonly known as Wolfberry. Like many of the herbs and natural supplements that have been found in Asia, Goji Berry is known to have to many positive effects for people who want to promote total body health. Goji has been around for more than 6,000 years and can be cultivated in many temperate climates throughout the world.

One of the most important tests for Goji Berry was run in 1994, when scientists found that patients suffering from cancer were more receptive to their treatments and showed better results from those treatments when they had eaten the berries. This makes sense because the primary draw of Goji is the fact that it has antioxidants that are known to fight off cancer and other infectious diseases.

Goji Berry is good for promoting proper cell growth and the antioxidants found within it are very powerful in disease prevention. One of the interesting finds was that Goji could help lower glucose levels in individuals and also lower cholesterol in some people. There are many things that are not yet known about Goji Berry, but all of the tests up to this point indicate that it can be a very good item for those people looking to get healthier and ward off potential disease in the future. It makes sense for those folks who just want to take a holistic approach to their health.

The antioxidants within Goji are most well known for fighting off disease within the liver. For people who want to protect their liver in the face of alcohol or drug use, the berry supplements can be especially helpful.

Improved eyesight is thought to be a positive effect, while increased leg strength is, as well. This promotes the theory that the berry helps to improve the body as a whole, instead of just helping to improve any one particular area. With this knowledge, people have been much more likely to try Goji as a part of their daily routine. Those who use it daily have found that Goji increases their energy levels to a point where they feel more able and much more refreshed than in the past.

Goji Berry has also been found to help increase fertility in women and help improve sexual function in men. One reason for this is that it improves circulation throughout the body, allowing people to perform at their peak in a host of different activities. Sexual activity is one of those and although it is a nice side effect, it is not the focus of Goji Berry.

Improving immune function and longevity are two items that most people cite when they use Goji Berry. They want to ward off not only things like cancer through the antioxidants, but they also want to stay healthier on a day to day basis. Having to constantly fight off things like a cold or the flu can weigh on the body and it can make life difficult for people during their routine. In order to stay healthy for longer, the body has to stay sharp and this can only happen when you are free of disease. In this way, vitality and long term function is increased by Goji Berry.

All in all, Goji is popular not just for one purpose, but because it helps to improve the body in lots of different ways. The tests have shown that it has significant power to both prevent and help cure diseases such as cancer, while other tests have proven Goji to be an effective holistic treatment. Total body health is a concern for most, so it figures that those people would want to use Goji to not only lengthen life, but improve the quality of their life.

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